In winter, the most beautiful scenery line in the street is a lovely pairs of ugg boots black friday 2014 on the feet. Their simple style is not fancy, both warm and comfortable, and classic whenever. So in this cold winter, do not let black friday uggs sale cleaning, maintenance problems hinder our fashion footsteps. In order to solve this trouble, we will introduce you one of the most comprehensive uggs black friday 2014 maintenance of common sense to you.

If ugg boots black friday sale is dirt, you can use cold or warm water and get wet the boots body, but do not over-soak, it is very important not to use hot water, because the hot water would reduce the stickiness and natural rubber soles of shoes, damage leather scalability, so as to make the shoes soles open plastic and shoes shrink. The correct cleaning method is to use a clean sponge or soft brush, or scrub brush completely uniform clean the body of the shoe surface. You can also use a fine hair brush to help the cleaning process. Once uggs black friday deals 2014 is cleaning, the boots can be carried into the washing machine and a few minutes of drying to remove excess water on boots.

When cleaning over, black friday sale ugg boots need to be placed to dry naturally, please remember that do not to use dryer drying or let the boots exposure to the sun. You need to keep the soles up when dry, inverted the whole body, black friday sale uggs 2014 will be completely dry within a day or two. And you will find that once uggs black friday sales has been completely dry, the boots body maybe shrink a little, but do not worry, this is normal. After about one hour wearing, the boots will return to its former warmth and comfortable feeling, and more importantly it that the boots become clean and beautiful!

After cleaning, black friday ugg boots sale 2014 can be used in conjunction CGM waterproof spray, to enhance water resistance. Once the boots completely care, you can use special hair care brush and gently brush in one direction shoes surface, to help restore the natural hair look naturally beautiful smooth texture. Now you know ugg boots cleaning methods and maintenance steps, are you fashion people ready to have a pair of your own beautiful boots? We will welcome you to our store to truly enjoy our one-stop service concept!